“No musician I've heard in recent years can make jazz music shine more brightly than Nora Germain.”

-Carl Hager, Jazz writer, Senior Editor at All About Jazz

"Nora is a wonderful jazz violinist who is keeping the Stephane Grappelli flag flying high."

-Martin Taylor MBE, guitarist for Stephane Grappelli

"Nora Germain's beautiful jazz violin will give goose bumps! She already has a devoted following as well. Somewhere up in the clouds Ray Nance is smiling because he knows the torch is in able hands."        

-Rick Taub, Music Director at 7 Grand Downtown LA

"Swing is Fun" by Nora Germain from Album 'Little Dipper' available soon. Copyright Nora Germain 2014.




Nora Francesca Germain is a jazz violinist based in Los Angeles.

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